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Marketing mix assignment help 

Marketing plays a vital role in any business. There’s no way a business can grow if the marketing strategy is inadequate. They get primarily based on facts that get collected through a crucial marketing mix. Through it, a company strives to know the requirements and selection of clients. Several marketing tools get used for a business to develop. The marketing mix is vital and should get put into consideration before any executing plan.


Clients are different, and the requirements are different too. When clients want to purchase a product, they have different priorities. The company should understand every need or a customer, which is why segmentation is essential. Looking into this has importance since it will assist the management in knowing the provocations that are in the market. It is vital to know how people react to specific changes that a company makes. Each company tries as hard as it can to understand all the requirements of clients.


Customers should be satisfied. That is important if a company wants to make a profit. A company should ensure that the satisfaction of customers is its primary aim. Before making any changes, a company should do thorough research to know the needs of clients. Before introducing a new product or making an existing product better, a company should correctly revise to reach the clients’ expectations. A company should have offers that clients prefer. When a company considers clients, there is no way it will struggle to keep them. Clients will trust their products or service and will stick with them.


Promotion plays an essential role in doing the business known to the people. There’s no way individuals will know about a business if there is no advertisement. It has to be advertised in different regions so that a large population knows about it. The management has to come up with a unique way for advertising for them to increase sales. The first thing is to come up with a pleasant channel the promotions can get done. The main aim of promotions is to reach as many people as possible. There are certain factors that a company should consider;

  • Branding: it should be unique so that it can catch the eyes of customers. The product should be different from other products for which to be original.
  • Advertising: it is whereby accompany publicizes both its product or services by using different mediums.
  • Customer relationship: the company should know how to relate with clients in the best way possible. Customers want to deal with a company that respects and treats them well.


The price should be affordable so that many clients can purchase the product. The management analyses and takes its time to come up with the correct price according to competition and other factors. If a company puts high prices, there is no way it will attract numerous clients, leading to a loss. Before deciding on the price, a company should consider other factors. If a company makes any mistake in the pricing part, failure will be the next thing. They have to take their time and ensure they make the right decision.


The appearance of a product is vital because it brings out the first impression. When a company packages a product carelessly, there is no way clients will purchase it. But when a company takes its time to package a product, clients will be curious to know more about it.

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