Tips for Studying Chemistry the Better

Are you having trouble understanding chemistry concepts? Do you wish to improve your chemistry grade immensely? If so, then this is a must-read article for you. We have gathered and organized tips to help you read and understand chemistry concepts and have fun while at it. After reading and applying the information provided in this article, you will be acing your chemistry tests in no time.

Chemistry requires some extra effort to master. It also needs you to have a positive attitude towards the subject to have the motivation to learn. Also, know that everything takes time to prosper, and so does learning. Therefore, do not rush the process. Instead, take your time to go through all the concepts that are in the subject. With this in mind, you can then move forward to apply the following tips:

Allocate sufficient study time

Since studying takes time, you require to have the time in the first place. Hence set aside sufficient time to study chemistry. During this time, you can go through some questions to test your knowledge and review the course’s materials. Remember, practice makes perfect. Hence, test yourself regularly and read as much as possible; the net result will ultimately surprise you.

Dig deep

Shallow studying is not that helpful. Being able to quickly solve practice questions is good. But remember that the exam questions are more challenging and trickier compared to practice questions. Hence you require to dig deeper into every question that you solve. Ensure you learn and understand what the question entails; you can backtrack to attain this easily. TO efficiently solve a question, you have to:

  1. Know how the questions are helpful to the course
  2. Know why some information is unnecessary as per the question at hand
  3. Know the conversions that are necessary to make to correctly answer the question
  4. Know the reason why you apply a particular formula
  5. Know why the reaction occurred
  6. Why and when to make some assumptions
  7. The useful structures that are necessary to understand

Students make the mistake of reading through the specific solution and assuming that they can solve a similar question. However, the same question can be twisted to confuse you unless you have all the factors discussed above at hand. Then you most likely might miss those marks.

Pre-read and pre-test yourself

Reading a topic before you cover it with your lecturer helps you understand it better during the lecture. Hence pre-read topics and gather as much information as you can on the topic. You can also test yourself to identify the parts that you find challenging and those pretty easy parts. You can hence ask for clarification or assistance on the challenging aspects during the lecture or afterward.

The lab section is crucial

Practical knowledge helps students retain even theoretical knowledge based on the practical. Hence ensure you understand every practical experiment. It helps if you easily answered questions like:

  • Why did that reaction occur?
  • What chemicals were used?
  • What color was the residue? And so on.

In case you get assignments on this section, ensure you tackle it efficiently. Make use of all the resources available to tackle such assignments successfully. That includes library books, teachers, and the internet.


Many students fail to perform in chemistry due to not trying out new study methods. However, all the tips provided in this article are pretty practical and offer a fun way to study chemistry. Hence apply them properly and watch your chemistry grades shoot up to aces.

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