Guide for Future Nursing Students

Are you looking to become a nurse? Are you taking a nursing course now? If so, then this article is meant for you. In this article, we have encompassed some beneficial facts for nursing students. Hence if you are one, then this article can act as a guide. For those aspiring to become nurses, this article can serve as an eye-opener on the life of a nursing student.

We shall focus on factors such as nursing student accountability, appeals, the campus experience, and so much more. Hence without further ado, let us dive right into it.

Nursing student’s accountability part

As a nursing student, you are bound by some firm standards, which, if broken, might cause a lot of trouble. Hence accountability comes top on this list. Most campuses will provide unique standards that nursing students have to abide by. Some of these standards include:

  1. The code
  2. Character and health of a student
  3. Proficiency standards for nursing students
  4. Framework standards for nursing students
  5. Students assessment and supervision standards

Students are not supposed to participate in procedures that they cannot handle due to their level of education. As a student, you should also avoid performing procedures without proper supervision; otherwise, the outcome could be catastrophic.

If you are caught up in a situation similar to the one’s state above, you should talk to your tutor or mentor.

As you advance in your course, you will find yourself handling situations without a supervisor, mentor, or a colleague who is registered. Such cases occur during emergency situations. At this time, your skills, confidence, and experience will have grown immensely. However, during the start of the course, such situations seem challenging to handle, and they are, hence do not attempt them. Until you are prepared, always ensure that you are under supervision.


Some possible grounds

As a student nurse, which situation could serve as a ground appeal? Well, there are three situations that fall under this category, namely:

  1. Mitigations circumstance

Are termed ad unavoidable and unforeseen disruptions to studying brought about by some severe circumstances that occurred during the time when the student’s course was still due.

You can, however, not apply for a mitigation circumstance right after you submit an assignment or sit for an exam. Hence ensure you raise any issue that you might have beforehand to your tutor.

  1. Procedural irregularities

Sometimes students feel that a procedure applied in their assignment or examinations does not meet the set procedural standards of the institution. If such a case occurs, students must provide legit and stone-cold evidence to prove their claims.

  1. Unfair treatment

When a student feels like they have been treated unfairly compared to the other students, this is considered unfair treatment. The unfair treatment might be:

  • Prejudice
  • Bias
  • Inadequate assessment

You should show up with proof to the school’s administration, especially if the unfair treatment affected your grades directly.

Academic appeals

Each school has got a different way of handling academic appeals. They all, however, follow strict procedures and policies. Hence, all you have to do is look for the schools’ policies on handling this type of appeal in a nursing school.

For those looking to join nursing institutions, you can always look for the procedure and policies online on the school’s website.


Nursing courses are interesting and strict all at once. We hope that this article has provided some insight into the life of a nursing student.

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