I’m Not Too Fond Of Homework

Ever imagine going through homework stress, after spending most of your productive time in school being engulfed by the classwork and all the activities that come with it? Here comes another painful and tedious task; it is my homework again. When do I have time for other engagement? Most often, I was always frustrated thinking of how to go about finding solutions to the questions until I got help from 123Homework.com.

Here comes another time to neglect a fun-filled environment. It’s another time to task my brain and be shouldered with another responsibility to go through what was done in class without the help of my friend, and with a loud voice, I said to myself, I hate homework!

Come to think of how much I love my field of study, how much I love to explore everything that comes with it. I have so much expectation for the future. The overwhelming happiness of this keeps the hope alive yet; I hate homework!

Could it be the way it is being administered that is destroying my love for learning? Or could it be that it’s all about the grade for the assignment rather than the actual knowledge? Don’t you think that the time spent doing the homework can be used for learning other things and having fun with friends, which could bring about a new discovery?

Often, I engage in discussions that ask if kids should have less homework to do or should not have homework at all. Answers come in, making it look like kids tend to spend time on less sensitive activity which might not be productive. The solution now is to fill up their time with the tedious task of homework and deprive them of their playtime. I have a counter notion on this talk. Why can’t we educate them on interrelationship with values of nature, friends around and family at large? Don’t you think that it is the proper time to teach kids how to discover things that brings a lifetime of happiness to them? Could we make use of this time to find their passion and what interests them the most? We should encourage good habits and routine like getting rest, keeping fit, feeding well, being well cultured, rather than forcing on them an uninteresting life activity.

Nevertheless, to make homework effective and have a place in the mind of the kids, here are a few suggestions:

  • Let them know the essence of the assignment.
  • Make them see reasons that can make a difference and interest them.
  • Encourage the use of technological appliances to their advantage.
  • Encourage class discussions; it makes their interaction with fellow peer group worthwhile.
  • Let the homework involve things with which they can relate.
  • Teachers should always give feedback on the assignment.

Lastly, as much as we think that there should be a place for homework in the school curriculum, it should be well structured and patterned.

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