Homework: A Support Or An Obstacle?

Homework is the terror of students, yet it is the strategy of teachers to access the intellectual capacity of the students. Who then is right? Should homework continue, or teachers should find another alternative? This brings us to the benefits and the danger of homework.

Homework for students is an opportunity to go through the work done in school and also ruminate on the cogent points. It is essential to look through the information over and over to master the lessons and have a broader view of it. Also, practice gives a perfect result. The act of doing things over and over makes you an expert. This also applies to practicing schoolwork at home. It keeps the information in the memory until the brain absorbs it.

The class is not the best place to access a student, because most of them hide under the smartness of other students. This curve can only be corrected when the teacher assigns the assignment to the students individually. The return of each student assignment is a hint to teachers on how far the students assimilate information and process it. This way, the teacher can improve or restructure the format of teaching the students.

Learning is only useful when the student understands what they are being taught in class, and the student can make use of the lessons when it is needed. This efficient learning can only be achieved when there is feedback from the student via their competence grade in the homework they are given. Outside the walls of the classroom, the student should still have the information intact in their brain and use it even at home or anywhere required.

Some school administrators think you can never have too much homework. Especially when the student is confident enough of the understanding of the subject and can independently approach questions related to it. It only helps you manage time and cut away irrelevant things.

Unlike the good things mentioned previously, homework has a bad part and can be discouraging a lot of times. Most times, it annoys the students and makes their effort look null. As much as homework can bring a family together and enhance their relationship, it can also cause pain for the family. I mean, busy parents cannot have time for homework, and this will keep the child away from them. Thus, reducing communication level and breaking the bond of intimacy.

The extra time required for doing homework is another bone of contention. Students should be allowed to relax after school hours, but it is the same moment they have to start solving the school work that has been given by their teachers. This act alone will not allow the student to explore and develop their interest and skills in other things. For example, students with interest in craftwork will find it challenging to practice and use their hands to do creative work. This is bad and harmful to the future of the child. That’s why online test helpers and homework assistants are highly recommended for those who have no time left for life and duties, more important than assignments.

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